Huntington Customer Support Contact Information

All the details for contacting Huntington. Huntington customer service is available on various service channels including: Phone, chat, email, Facebook and Twitter.

Options for Contacting Customer Service:

Huntington Customer Service – Phone

Huntington customer service call center phone number: 800-480-2265.

Operating hours: Monday-Sunday: 07:00-19:00 ET.

Additional phone numbers:

General Customer Service from outside the U.S.: +1-616-355-8828
Business Banking Customers: 800-480-2001
Credit Card Customer Service: 800-340-4165
Credit Card Payment Assistance – Personal & Business: 800-372-7725
Business Credit Cards: 888-696-9982
Commercial Credit Cards: 866-643-4203
Huntington Insurance: 888-576-7900
Personal Insurance Sales Center: 800-628-7064
Online Banking Support: 877-932-2265
The Huntington Investment Company: 800-322-4600
Loan Customer Service: 800-445-8460
Loan Payment Assistance: 800-323-9865
Apply for a Mortgage: 800-562-6871
Mortgage Customer Service: 800-323-4695
Mortgage Online Support: 877-932-2265
Mortgage Payment Assistance: 800-323-9865
Personal Credit Line Customer Service: 800-992-2053
Personal Credit Line Payment Assistance: 800-250-6660
General Account Information: 800-480-2265
Overdrawn Checking/Savings Account Payment Assistance: 800-472-2658
Checking Reserve Payment Assistance: 800-472-2658
Commercial Customers: 614-480-4862 or 800-480-4862
Private Bank Customers: 614-480-2001 or 800-480-2001
Public Funds Customers: 614-480-4862 or 800-480-4862
To report possible identity theft: 800-480-2265
Treasury Management Customer Service: 800-480-4862
International Trade Services: 877-480-4685
Huntington Technology: 248-253-9000

Huntington Customer Service – Website

Visit the Huntington site – knowledge base, FAQ, contact form and self service options: Click here.

Huntington Customer Service – Email

– The company does not provide customer service by email.

Huntington Customer Service – Twitter

Contact Huntington on its official Twitter account: click here.

Huntington Customer Service – Facebook

Contact Huntington on its official Facebook page: click here.

Huntington Customer Service – Chat

Huntington provides customer service via chat on this link: click here.

Huntington Customer Service – Address

Contact Huntington customer service by mail: Huntington National Bank
P.O. Box 182387
Columbus, OH 43218.


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