About Us

Custservice.org was built with the goal of helping customers in the US and around the world get fast and efficient customer service.

How do we collect contact information?

Our dedicated team of data specialists works hard to collect all the contact details for thousands of leading companies, and in particular – the contact details and methods of their customer service departments.

All the contact details we list on custservice.org were gathered from the companies’ official website or social media accounts, and are examined periodically in order to ensure that the information is accurate and updated.

How to send us updated information?

Phone numbers can sometime change, and so do communication channels. If you have found any errors or missing information – please let us know, so we can keep our information as useful as possible.

Please note that we are an independent website, and are not related to any of the companies listed on our site. All the communications, questions and requests to any company must be made directly to the relevant company’s customer service.

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